Learn What Clients Expect When Searching For A New Lash Artist 
And How To Attract Your Dream Clients.
💕 Amalia Villamil 
📍Texas, USA

If you’d like to discover what exactly "good clients" look for in a lash artist...

...and keep them coming, this will be the most exciting masterclass you'll ever watch.

Here is why:

I’m going to reveal. . .

A NEW masterclass that contains a strategy that will attract your soul lash client...

 ...while allowing you to be more in control of your profits all at the same time, specially if you are starting from the ground up.

But first, Let's Get Real:

The information and strategies I outline in this masterclass, have allowed me to:

 1) Grow my lash business exponentially

2) Create client relationships that have laster longer than 5 years

3)See profits I only dreamed about 

4) Allowed me to choose the happy clients I wanted to be around

But I’m not suggesting you’ll aquire this clientele in a couple of days...

I myself struggled big time in the past and had no mentors to help me out.

The truth is, I’m not sure how quick my newer lash colleagues who take this masterclass will find their soul clients 🤷🏼‍♀️

Achieving a Healthy and Happy Lash Clientele entails risk as well as consistent effort and action. 

If you’re not willing to accept that, please do not purchase this masterclass.

With that said, let me jump right in and show you…

Exactly What You're Getting
First, let me say... This isn’t your ordinary “Lash Artist” Masterclass

Time is precious, so I get straight to the point.

And it’s about MORE than just attracting happy clients and making more money!

You can actually use the same strategy outlined in this masterclass to create a variety of benefits you will enjoy in your lash business.

Whether you’re a brand new lash artist that finished training a day ago, a lash artist that has been trying to grow but feels stagnant, or an experienced lash artist that is interested in another colleague’s strategy…

If you want to attract a Healthy and Happy Lash Clientele While keeping YOURSELF in control, then this awesome-sauce material will work perfectly for you.

Like I said, there’s more to this masterclass than just talks about what client’s expect and lash artists attracting happy clients...

Here’s A Fraction of What You’re Getting ✨

  • ​An in depth client interview of what a happy-good-paying client looks for in a Lash Artist that will leave you wanting to implement new ideas in your business
  • Customer Service and why it’s important to excel at it all the time, lashes are the reason clients come to us... but customer service is the reason they stay!
  • Lash Knowledge = Lash money. Discover why clients like to know that you keep yourself and your team educated. This builds trust and credibility which keep clients coming back and sending new referrals.
  • Learn what the clients expect from the lash artists and how to accommodate their needs and wants in a way that everybody wins.
  • ​Learn why good clients don’t mind paying the big bucks and how to keep bringing those dream clients to your salon.
  • Is attracting your soul clients a MUST? Absolutely! I'll show you how I have benefitted from this and why you should do it too.
  • ​Raising your prices is not that complicated to do but knowing how to do it will be essential to your business and client relationships
  • How to approach clients with an upcoming price update and how to put their mind at ease before they ask all the "why" questions.
  • Learn why is so important to communicate with your clients before, during and after the lash appointments and why boundaries play such a key factor in having healthy clientele communication
  • Scheduling with intention through an automated system that will keep clients informed and your work schedule flowing with profits
  • How to avoid the "over-give-under-charge" work trap and what to do instead of trying to prove your worth as a professional in the beauty industry
  • Join me in a "don't-you-dare-to-miss-it" interview where I discuss the unique relationship between a client and a lash artist. Not only will this be entertaining but full of great insight
  • Social media and the lash biz, learn what clients think about your social media handles and how it helps grow your profits.
  • Lash Colleagues... are we competing against each other? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I'll discuss all the reasons why "competition" is good and why the only competition you have... is you!
  • Client loyalty... what does this mean and what clients should understand you give in return
  • Overworking yourself and why is good to know when to stop. The one realization you need to make to keep selling and profits scaling.
  • Is it ok to stop taking clients? Yes! Find out how does this reflect in our business making decision and what the client may interpret from it
    You’re right, that was a lot to take in, but I’m just getting started.
    You’re also getting…

    1 Exclusive Advanced Bonus 🎉

    Included in this material, you will receive access to a free bonus that you can start using today...

    My "Secret Text Message" Templates for new Clients 
    Let's be honest, new clients don't always know what to expect from their first appointment and that can set you back time wise.

    In other words, this "text template strategy" will give your clients the answers they are looking for while saving YOU valuable lashing time.

    I have mastered text messaging new and potential clients and I want to give you the templates I use all the time. 

    But... If your first thought still is... "why do I need to have a text template?" let me tell you what it has done for me.

    These templates have:

    • Allowed me to be consistent with new clients while giving them the same accurate information 
    • Helped the client know exactly what to expect the day of their appointment aside from my scheduling system automated text messages
    • Automated the text messaging process for myself so I don't have to text clients over and over again
    • Helped me not forget to give important information to clients
    • Prevented confusion all around
    Here’s What to Do Next...
    The investment will only cost $19.97 and you’ll receive access instantly via email.

    You can access your PRODUCT AND BONUS anytime, anywhere, and you have lifetime access to all the content!

    Oh, and in case you’re wondering. . .

    If you’re thinking, $19.97 is cheap. . .what’s the catch?”

    I'm happy to put your mind at ease...

    • I love to share knowledge with my lash colleagues as I wish this type of material was available to me when I started my career, I assure you… YOU won’t be disappointed…
    • I am a lash artist too, I know we spend money on things we don’t benefit from like that cute looking hello kitty mirror… this product will actually help you understand your clients and teach you how to raise your prices.
    • Information is power. Sometimes you just need new insight of what other artists are doing in their business that is actually working, introduce it to your lash business, test it and grow.
    That being said, there is ONE more thing to keep in mind. . .
    Time Is of The Essence!
    Here’s why…

    Today you can get my masterclass at the extremely affordable price of just $19.97.

    So why would I do that?

    Simple! I want to help you attract happy clients so you can increase your profits… and I have the power to do that!!

    But if I can’t get the numbers to work, I’ll have to stop this promotion.

    So, there’s a chance this page will come down soon.

    If this page IS STILL here, then the offer is live, but I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.

    Like I said, this is a VERY limited offer.

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    P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me 🙃) who just skips to the end of the page, here’s a recap:

    I’m giving you my brand-new Dream Clients Interview style Masterclass to attract you Soul Lash Clientele While keeping YOURSELF in control of your profits.

    A simple, yet powerful masterclass that outlines a NEW strategy that will transform your efficiency and profitability if you apply it (just like it did for me)!

    All you pay is a measly $19.97.

    **** Plus, you’re also getting a highly valued bonus:

    BONUS: My Secret Text Message Templates for new Clients

    I’m giving you this as a free bonus gift because I want you to implement what you learn in the masterclass immediately . . .

    And get results in the FASTEST way possible!

    There are no gimmicks. In fact, I’ve 100% GOT YOUR BACK.

    If you don’t absolutely love the masterclass, just let me know. I’ll give you your $19.97 back and you can keep the masterclass and bonus gift anyway.

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     The book is great and you'll get everything you need from it.
    But I'm the kinda gal that likes to go big or go home and if you’re still reading this…
    I know you’re the type to make it happen.
                                That's why I’m giving you this bonus class. It's my little way to ensure that you start implementing
     everything you will learn in Influencer Secrets ... right away.

    So yes ...
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